Salome has become a symbol for dangerous female seductiveness over history. This riveting contemporary dance solo is set in the moment when Salome danced before Herod and is inspired by the passion and contradictions of this incredible mythical woman: full of powerful charisma but also insecurities, and love for a man who didn’t reciprocate. Avatâra collaborates with Scottish composer Daniel Williams, taking as a departing point the original piece by Richard Strauss.

12 min
9th June 2012, at Kultur Palast Dresden
Conducted by

Maestro Rafael de Burgos

Dance and Choreography

Avatâra Ayuso


Richard Strauss

Musical design

Daniel Williams

Further performances

Fringe Festival Edinburgh

Commissioned by

Dresden Philarmonic

Supported by

Dance Base Edinburgh

© Images by Daniel Koch
A dancer with a captivating quality is Avatâra Ayuso. Her gaze (as Salome) locks you in. It is a fascinating solo, full of passion. [...] Ayuso is mature as a woman and a dancer. She stays with you.

Kelly Apter (The Scotsman)

Avatâra is a delightful dancer, able to embody both elasticity and roughness with power and conviction; it was irresistibly alluring.

Laura Dodge, Dance Critic (Dancing Times)

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