Dance films

Avatâra is an award-wining dance film director. Her cinematographic style has some hints of surrealism and it is clearly influenced by her choreographic style: contrasts in dynamics and the empowerment of her characters. Her award winning films are Let them Eat Cake! (UK), The Protocol (UK), Dance Pumpkin Dance (UK), Tokyo Tokyo (Japan), I am Raja (Morocco).

Her personal understanding of movement, stillness and rhythm is present in every frame. She pays special attention to the camera’s movement (the camera’s choreography), becoming another character in the film.

When you ask Avatâra about the shifting from dance to film, she seems to see a smooth transition and replies confidently that her passion for dance filmmaking started as soon as she developed her first choreographies. She became fascinated by the editing process because, according to her, it is a very important part in any choreographic project: what remains? What is left behind? When do you shift ideas? How do you direct the eye of the audience to where you want? How can you convey your meaning?

The Protocol
Tokyo Tokyo
Let them eat cake!

These dance films have received multiple awards and have been shown in a multitude of festivals around the world:

Official Selection Biennal WomenCineMakers
Underwire Film Festival (Rebel Girls Category)
Long Legs Short Films in New York City.
Indie Film Festival at Braziers Park Bristol
Festival de Videodanza de Palma​
UNICEF Water Day Dresden March Festival
Official selection for Silk Road Film Awards Cannes
Official Selection Short to the Point festival 2020 (Bucarest)​

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