Let them eat cake!

Let Them Eat Cake! is a dance film on girl empowerment, where three teenagers rebel against how society dictates how they see themselves. In Let Them Eat Cake! the three characters transform from being “perfect girls” to agents of change, by embracing who they really are. It is directed by the choreographer and filmmaker Avatâra Ayuso, whose latest film The Protocol  has received awards all around the world.

The film will be premiered in March 2022 in our Women in Dance Leadership award ceremony and distributed online and schools along the year. 

Produced by


Commissioned by

The Space via Arts Council

Co-commissioned by

Swindon Dance by Foyle Foundation


Zhibo Zhao and Jialong Ma

Director, Choreographer & Scriptwriter

Avatâra Ayuso

Director of Photography

Gary Tanner


Three Junior Ambassadors of AWA DANCE – Tara, Alma and Sky


Ignacio Vleming

Sound design

Nick Rothwell

Costume Designer

Emilio de la Morena

Cake Designer

Cakes by Julz

Dance Producer

Anna Quiney

Production assistant

Sherisse Bisram


Anna Quiney

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