“Nijinska, secreto de la vanguardia” is a biopic on the life of Bronislava Nijinska, the great choreographer of the 20th century. The full lenght ballet was originally choreographed for the Ballet de Santiago National Theater of Chile, with a musical selection played by the Philarmonic Orchestra of Santiago at Municipal de Santigo – Opera of Chile. The production received the National Critic Circle Award of Chile for best Ballet of the Year in 2023.

Nijinska evokes the name of one of the greatest dancers of the 20th century whose early dementia cut short his career: Vaslav Nijinski. However, the Russian choreographer Bronislava Nijinska, lived and went down in history – in the shadow of her brother – in a conscious decision and deepened by the winds of anonymity of that time for women. The years would show Bronislava Nijinska’s genius in the development of dance. On the one hand, she left behind such landmark works as Les Noces, Les Biches and Le Train Bleue; magnificent collaborations with the likes of Cocó Chanel and composers such as Igor Stravinsky; and she would inspire the choreographers who would take over the creative baton in the 20th century, such as George Balanchine and Frederic Ashton.

For this work Avatâra has researched about her life, historical context and her body language by interviewing dancers that worked with her in the 60s in the UK and the US.   The ballet will count with new costumes and set design, and musical score that will take us through the artistic musical choices of Nijinska.

1h 25min
22 July 2023 at National Opera of Chile (2 acts)
Concept, Direction and Choreography

Avatâra Ayuso


Dancers from Ballet de Santiago de Chile and Edymar Acevedo as Nijinska


Ignacio Vleming

Set and costume design

Jorge Chino González

20th Century Dance Consultant

Pablo Aharonian

Musical direction

Pedro-Pablo Prudencio

Musical selection

Robert Schumann, Igor Stravinsky, Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy, Camile Saint Sains, Sergei Prokofiev, Manuel de Falla, Constantino Gaito


Ricardo Castro

Music played by

Philharmonic Orchestra of Santiago

Special Thanks

This production has been made with the philanthropic support of Zhibo Zhao and Jiaolong Ma. We also want to thank Elmhurst School of Ballet (Birmingham, UK) and former dancers of Nijinska based in the UK and US


National Critic Circle Award of Chile for best Ballet of the Year in 2023

© Images by Patricio Melo
One of the best ballet productions ever presented in our theatre. Astonishing theatricality, innovation, singularity and beauty

Galaxiaviral Chile

Impacting images, with excellent choreography by Ayuso, whose innovative use of the groups made us see her definitive genius talent

Litoral Press Chile

One of the best productions we've had in Chile in 2023

Círculo Crítico de Arte

An aesthetic adventure

Visiones Criticas Chile

A production of absolute excellence, with a high artistic level. The ballet of the year in Chile. Brilliant and captivating choreography. A simbiosis between classical ballet and contemporary

Galaxia Viral Chile

An almost ideal wagnerian work of "total art"!

Visiones Críticas Chile

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