ɅVɅ DANCE COMPANY is an independent dance company created in 2008 as a dance laboratory to fulfil the artistic vision of choreographer Avatâra Ayuso. The company creates high-quality contemporary dance works, with a cast of female dancers and collaborators from a range of cultures and artistic disciplines, mainly; architecture, poetry, lighting design, music and costume.

Our priority is to create the context for a culturally diverse team of artists and organisations to interact with Avatâra in any given project, using dance as the connecting discipline, in this sense, we are a non geographically committed structure, working in partnership and getting funds internationally. We believe in dance-making as a never-ending creative process of movement investigation, expressing ideas through a visceral physicality of the body, opening its full range of emotional possibilities.

Avatâra Ayuso is one of the most creative thinkers in modern dance today.

Firecracker talent, her work is hectic and explosive ... starkly, vividly alive.

A committed feminist, Ayuso is one of a new generation of womendetermined to push female creativity to the forefront of dance.

Avatâra is a delightful dancer, able to embody both elasticityand roughness with power and conviction; irresistibly alluring.

Highly intelligent, creative and full of vitality.

Riveting perfectly-calibrated solo 'angel', there is something mimetic about it




Angel VR




The Protocol


Dance films

The Protocol
Tokyo Tokyo

Excellent Provisional Landscapes prog at S adler's Wells Lilian Baylis: hard-core & thought-out. Congratulations!

The company’s production values are already first-class, ranging from a well-designed programme to simple and effective visual stage effects

What I like of AVA Dance Company is Avatâra's intelligence, wit; there's purpose to moves instead of arbitrariness or excess

Ayuso is clearly comfortable working in a neoclassical language and with Evidencia she stakes a claim to be in the sightlines of ballet companies looking for inspirational women choreographers

Undoubtedly captivating

The two most polished pieces both came from the fertile mind of Avatâra Ayuso. In constant conflict with its deliberately infuriating voiceover, the astonishing Estela Merlos contorted her body into all sorts of vicious positions. Balikbayan grabbed the attention and kept it rapt

Ayuso embodies a powerful sexuality that feels both enticing and dangerous; it is impossible to take your eyes off this effervescent siren

Ayuso makes use of a wide choreographic material which she manages to blend in a unique way... the authenticity of the movements and images convince us completely

Avatâra Ayuso’s work conjures up a visceral strength of conviction in her practice

What's On

"Nijinska, secreto de la vanguardia" is a biopic on the life of Bronislava Nijinska, the great choreographer of the 20th century. The full lenght ballet was originally choreographed for the Ballet de Santiago National Theater of Chile, with a musical...
Angel VR
A production by AVA DANCE COMPANY  in partnership with Rose Bruford College (London) with the support of Arts Council England, with the kind support by MBD Limited, Target3D Ready to tour from Autumn 2023 Angel VR is a one to...