Angel is a solo inspired by one of the most enigmatic and invisible characters of Luis Buñuel’s classic film “The Exterminating Angel”. Using the sport of fencing to influence her choreographic choices, Avatâra depicts this unseen energy as a warrior. The result is a powerful performance with great visual appeal and emotional intrigue.

June 2018, Ignition Dance Festival 2018
Concept, Choreography and Performance

Avatâra Ayuso


Donald Hutera


David Lang

Costume design

Avatâra Ayuso

Costume supervisor

Adrián Villaseñor

Fencing advisor

Graham Watts

Fencing coaches

Graham Watts and Leo Suárez

Lighting design

Lucy Hansom and Avatâra Ayuso

Production assistant

Sherice Turner

Commissioned by

Ignition Dance Festival 2018

Produced by


Supported by

Arts Council England and Royal Borough of Kingston

@ Images by Gigi Giannella
Inspired by the unseen, symbolic force in a classic Buñuel, Avatâra Ayuso's new solo 'angel' was an original, rigorous, strange, beautiful and just about perfectly-calibrated commission from Ignition Dance Festival 2018

Donald Hutera - arts writer (The Times)

Avatâra gave wings to the heavenly Angel the soundscape juxtaposes beautifully with the complex movement. The purity of dance fuses with the fencing which demonstrates why Avatara is a ray of light in the European dance scene, creative, innovative and indomitable!

George Kirkham (Creative Academy Director)

riveting perfectly-calibrated solo 'angel', there is something mimetic about it

Donald Hutera (Dance Writer UK)

In “angel” Avatâra takes care of the aesthetic as she cares about life and death. She sometimes resembles an astronaut dancing in the stratosphere reminding us of this lack of social consciousness and alienation that sometimes characterises humanity.

Nuria Ruiz de Viñaspre (Ellas Crean Magazine Festival)

The sound and movement come together to transmit in an outstanding manner a great energy towards the spectator. A very recommendable work

Emilio Tenorio (Eter Danza)

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