LIMBO无间 is a breath-catching and highly physical dance work by female choreographers Zhibo Zhao (China) and Avatâra Ayuso (Spain). For the choreographic process both choreographers have shared all creative in-put but their individual responses take us to two unsettling limbos that connect and overlap. Zhibo’s limbo is a place of shifting patterns and energies, an attempt to measure a period of time through games of leadership and manipulation. This leads us to the galvanising state of being that is Avatâra’s limbo, a zone of constant transition where internal drives and frustrations erupt, in ways that are both uncomfortable and potentially liberating. Survival is the key.

In LIMBO无间 the audience is invited into an edgy, forceful space whose occupants await a resolution that might never come; and where, while waiting, they try to redefine who they are, where they have come from and where they are going.

This preview of LIMBO无间 is the result of the first R&D between the two women, who met in 2009 at the ArtsCross/Danscross Project in China led by Middlesex University and Beijing Dance Academy. Zhibo is now a PhD candidate at Middlesex while Avatâra is artistic director of AVA DANCE COMPANY.

Friday 29th November 2019, Grove Studio Theatre Middlesex University (London)
Concept & Choreography

Avatâra Ayuso & Zhao Zhibo


Avatâra Ayuso, George Báan, Chloe Hillyar, JiaoLong Ma, Zhibo Zhao


Donald Hutera

Stage Design

Avatâra Ayuso & Zhao Zhibo

A production by


Funded by

Chinese National Arts Fund and Arts Council England

With the support of

Middlesex University

​© Images by Foteini Christofilopoulou.
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