A duet inspired by ramdon thoughts on Baroque elements: from music of XVII female composers to European and colonial paintings, costumes and dances.

12 min
British Spanish Society Gala, The Place (London) and Ellas Crean Festival (Madrid)
Concept and Choreography

Avatâra Ayuso


Ommaira Kangas and Bárbara Astorga

Lighting and set design

Eugenia Morales

Costume design

Daniel Astorga Rivero


Ignacio Vleming


Francesca Caccini and Isabella Leonarda

Baroque music consultant

Žak Ozmo

Commissioned by

Graham Watts, Fabiana Jaramillo and British Spanish Society

Supported by

Arts Council England and AVA Dance Company

Special Thanks to

International Dance School Carmina Ocaña and Pablo Savoye, Andrew Hurst, Ian Taylor and C. Fernández López

© Images by The Place
Evidencia is a shot of Baroque-infused, sexy dance that makes art move

Graham Watts at DanceTabs

Evidencia is an arresting new ballet by a woman choreographer we have hitherto seen exclusively as a maker of contemporary dance. Ayuso is clearly comfortable working in a neoclassical language and with Evidencia she stakes a claim to be in the sightlines of ballet companies looking for inspirational women choreographers.

Graham Watts at DanceTabs

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