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Keep a pure heart

In Angel’s world the Lamb is the sharer, the one with pure heart that will be generous towards the other, that will open its soul to connect and share the power of love. It is the symbol of hope and empathy.

Angel uses the Lamb to connect with You through the power of hands, looking for a physical experience that will bring you closer. With this act, Angel is sharing a message of hope and belonging.

In this dance at four hands, Angel wants you to know that you have a gift that you can share with others, a gift that will be of benefit to humanity: the power of love.

I have been waiting for this

moment for so long…

You, here, with me

Only you and I

I still have two more things for you. Dive in!

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Behind the scenes

Discover more about the genesis of the project by director and choreographer Avatâra Ayuso


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