Behind the scenes

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Angel VR is a multi award-winning one to one virtual reality immersive experience, between the main character “angel” (a sophisticated warrior in an impossible world) and a single audience member, allowing an intimate and personalised experience between the two.

Angel VR was creative with three aspects in mind, used to carefully build the on-boarding (prepare the audience), the experience itself on the headsets and the off-boarding (what happens after the experience):


How immersive approaches broaden possibilities of digital storytelling. Enhancing experiences, challenging conventions and giving users a more active role.

Emotional engagement

How can spectators partake in an emotional journey with the character which portrays multiple emotional textures?

Virtual Environments

Which spaces can be created for the performer and audience members to interact outside the real world?

The original idea

Angel (the choreography) was originally inspired by one of the most enigmatic and invisible characters in Luis Buñuel’s classic film The Exterminating Angel. In this film the main characters of the Mexican high society get stuck in a mansion, without knowing what stops them from being exiting, there is an unseen energy that feels threatening, unreal, inexplicable….For the choreographer Avatâra Ayuso this is energy is the Angel. The sport of fencing is used to influence the choreographic choices of the work. It has been performed in a range of settings, from traditional black box theatres, to galleries, museums and outdoor spaces and has now been transformed into a one-one immersive VR experience.

ANGEL VR has been made possible thanks to the financial support of Arts Council England and Rose Bruford College.

The team is proud to share that ANGEL VR has received multiple awards in festivals across the world as Best VR Experience. We are greateful to all those that made this work possible.

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Director, Choreographer & Dancer

Avatâra Ayuso

VR & Motion Capture Artist

Miyu Matsumoto

VR Engineer Supervisor

Enrique Muñoz

VR Developer and VR advisor

Dave Pritchard

VR Dramaturge

Dr Rosa Cisneros

3D Artist

Enkhar P. Blanco

VR Production Consultant

Paul Long

VR Postproduction Consultant

Samuel Lawrence

VR Developer (student)

Kyle Ruta

Sound Support (students)

Callum Mitchell & Craig Shield

Audience Development Consultant

Kirsty Hillyer

Choreographic Dramaturg

Donald Hutera

Fencing Coach

Graham Watts

Sword Dance Coach

Jialong Ma

Accessibility consultant

Dan Edge


Andrew Hurst, Alex Burgoyne, Asma Hussain, Brie, Carmine De Amicis, Estela Merlos, Foteini Christofilopoulou, Hannah Thomas, Karen Stewart, Karen Stewart, Lewis Pycroft, Mara Borsa, Mary Oliver, Matthew Smith, Melanie Whitehead, Michael Otteson, Morgan Szarvas, Nick Hunt, Shannan Uttaro, Sherisse Bisram, Sofia Alexiadou, Wayne Parsons, Yining Chen, Zhibo Zhao

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